Các websites hữu ích

- Tự điển:


- Từ Điển Hán-Việt:

[url="http://annonymous.online.fr/HVDic/"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]Free Pages Personnelles: Erreur 404 - Document non trouvé

- Tự điển Tinh Van:

[url="http://www.tinhvan.com.vn/scripts/tvis/webdict/webdict.pl"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved

- Tự Điển Marriam-Webster On Line:

[url="http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=eczema"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]Result Not Found
(nếu cần có thể nghe cách phát âm của từng chữ)

- Medical Dictionary On Line:


- Health Information for the whole family from AAFP (American Academy of Family Practice):

[url="http://familydoctor.org/"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]No Se Encuentra Pagina - familydoctor.org

- Hội Ung Thư Việt Mỹ:

[url="http://www.ungthu.org/vacf/home/default.asp"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]URL Shortener

- The Health Illustrated Encyclopedia
The Health Illustrated Encyclopedia - a collection of articles, images and illustrations on diseases, conditions, symptoms, injuries, surgeries, tests, nutrition and other preventive health topics. The Encyclopedia undergoes expert review and the content is updated on a quarterly basis.
Some of the subject matter in this section - including medical illustrations - is graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all audiences.
Injury Reference
Disease Reference
Surgery Reference
Special Topic Reference
Poison Reference
Nutrition Reference
Symptoms Reference
Test Reference

[url="http://www.shands.org/health/information/"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]404 - Page Not Found | UF Health, University of Florida Health

- International Dialing Codes

[url="http://kropla.com/dialcode.htm"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]404 Error

- Dương lịch / Âm lịch:

[url="http://www.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/~duc/amlich/"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]404 Not Found

- Đổi trọng lượng kilos sang pounds và ngược lại:

[url="http://www.manuelsweb.com/kg_lbs.htm"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]404 Not Found

- Tự điển online hay offline, chỉ cần press ctr and right click:


- Chuyển đổi giá trị tiền tệ các nước:

[url="http://www.xe.com/ucc/"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]XE - HTTP Status Code 404: Not Found

- Chuyển đổi nhiệt độ Fahrenheit - Celsius

[url="http://www.metric-conversions.org/temperature/fahrenheit-celsius.htm"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]Metric Conversion charts and calculators

- Chuyển đổi trọng lượng

[url="http://www.onlineconversion.com/weight_common.htm"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]Error 404 - Not found

- Trọng lượng và dung tích

[url="http://www.onlineconversion.com/weight_volume_cooking.htm"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=navy]Error 404 - Not found

- Giờ trên địa cầu

[url="http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/"][COLOR=#00008b]404 Error - Page Not Found